Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


   Al who?



We had another visit to our Ladies Fellowship from Jill Abell, of the Peru Children’s Trust. Jill first visited us in May last year and told us of the work she does.

This time she showed pictures of the work done by three wonderful ladies, Luz, Otti and Marta, who help the sponsored children and run their Summer Camp. The work involved in organising Camp makes our Holiday Club seem like a picnic! Not least because the programme runs all day from early morning till late evening.

Jill brought more craftwork made by the Peruvians – including some beautiful alpaca knitwear. Being animal hair and not wool, alpaca is suitable for people with wool allergies, and it is amazingly warm. Maisie tried on a cardigan- and ended up buying it!

[Smile, Maisie, Elizabeth in India is going to see this on the blog!!]


There were lots of smaller craft items too


And beautiful jewellery


Because there is no ‘middle man’, the money paid goes directly to the men and women who produce these beautiful goods.

Their use of colour is stunning!

Jill works in a different part of Peru from our friend Scott, but many of their experiences are in common.  Jill is going back in three weeks time – her suitcase loaded with gifts for the people. Simple things we take for granted, like bars of soap…

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Her talk was really challenging – she said that since she began her involvement with the Peru Children’s Trust, she has completely re-thought her lifestyle and the things she buys.

live simply


  1. It looks as if Maisie has a Guinea Pig on her shoulder!

  2. Thanks Angela, Nana is looking well and very dashing in her new cardi. Peru is a country I have been interested in for a long time, I'm glad that the talk was good.
    Our term finishes one week today and by next Sunday I will be back in Kirby. See you soon!


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