Saturday 26 June 2010

Fait Accompli!

School Fete today – I had a table in the Main Hall selling craft bits, embroidering bibs, aprons and facecloths – and handing out Holiday Club flyers [Is that why you are in the ORANGE tee-shirt, Miss?]


ikea lerberg shelf

Last week in IKEA, I bought an inexpensive Lerberg shelf unit.

It is lightweight metal and fits into the back of my car [just – but I cannot carry any passengers at the same time]

It was really helpful for display purposes today.



However, after spending the day sitting behind my machine, smiling at the punters, I have reached a number of conclusions.

  1. I am never going to make my living as a craftswoman
  2. When people say “Ooh, aren’t these pencils rolls lovely? Look at this, Millie"!” they probably aren’t going to buy anything from me.
  3. People would rather spend £2 on tickets for the Bottle Stall, and maybe win a bottle of 50p Tesco Cola than £2.50 on a handcrafted Pencil Roll.
  4. Most sales come at the end of the event – half way through, I hadn’t sold enough items to cover the cost of the stall [£10] but in the last half hour, and for twenty minutes after the event had technically finished, I was sewing away like mad, as people who had come inside to hear the Raffle Prize Draw decided they wanted a bib or facecloth after all!!
  5. Despite all that, it was a brilliant day for conversations.


I gave away dozens of flyers for Holiday Bible Club [it is the next village to ours, so children can easily get to us if they want to attend] and the high point of my day was when a bloke in a leather jacket arrived on his motorbike, and bought me a cup of tea. [Is that your Bob, Miss?]

It was great to see former pupils, who came up and chatted [they change so quickly from primary school kids to streetwise adolescents] and also good to meet parents for the first time.

Two memorable comments

“I’ve just made the connection – you are Reverend Bob’s wife aren’t you?”


golden syrup

You do lots of stuff outside school, don’t you Miss? I remember once being in a tent and you told us the story of why there is a lion on the treacle tin”

which is amazing, because it was either two or three years ago, and the child concerned could have been no more than 7 at the time.

Home to a barbecue in the garden, and then I fell asleep watching the season finale of Dr Who. Woke up to realise I had lost an ear-ring. Feel very guilty as they were a present from Steph- a pair of cute pink zip-pulls, and I am really fond of them. Hoping that the missing item will turn up somewhere when I unpack my boxes.

Why is it that favourite ear-rings are the ones which get lost?

It is hot – and looks like getting hotter…

Bob is out preaching at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. I wonder how many he will have in his congregation…


  1. Hmm, I only know one church with that service time... probably about 20 I'd guess assuming I'm correct...

    I will never grasp the logic of bottle stalls... but then I'm the one who does buy one of everything on the craft stall as samples for my own future work...

  2. I noticed the same at our fete, was the Tombola or the bottle stall which were the most popular. Games of chance.....!
    And, it is the unwritten law that only favourite earrings get lost, sadly. I do hope you find it.

  3. I hope you have found your earring. I am going to be doing my first stall, I hope that I dont find the same issues as you have. It is sad that people are not willing to support homemade


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