Sunday, 13 June 2010

Never Quarrel* With a Vicar !

Among the more bizarre news stories this weekend, I found this one… []


A vicar has revived an ancient law entitling her to call members of her parish together for archery practice.

The Rev Mary Edwards, of Collingbourne Ducis, near Marlborough, called residents to the village recreation ground on Friday.

Residents were rewarded for complying with the law with a bar, a barbecue and live music.

Questions spring to mind…

  1. Is Collingbourne Ducis near Midsomer - and does Barnaby aka John Nettles – now OBE – know about this ?
  2. Which Bible passage will she choose for her epilogue – there are so many toxophilite related ones ?
  3. This is apparently the way the parish is celebrating building a new loo – is this the most bizarre way to mark such an occasion?  Bob and I once attended “A Blessing For A Disabled Toilet” – which wasn’t actually disabled, it worked perfectly!
  4. What else do they do in this parish? {I googled this – apparently a Puddingfest, Hog Roast and a debate with the Bishop on the subject of Euthanasia!]
  5. How have they got all this dangerous stuff past the Elf’n’Saty Men ? Not to mention CRB checking everyone!

[btw a quarrel is a bolt or arrow with a quadrangular head, shot from a crossbow]

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  1. A blessing for a disable toiltet?! And the English think we Americans are strange!


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