Wednesday 23 June 2010

Tempus Fugit!

“I’ve bought you a present” said Bob yesterday, handing me this…


A new set of diary pages for my Filofax. Here we are at ‘Midsummer’ and we’re already thinking about next year! Apparently some people regard June 21st [the solstice] as Midsummer, and others say it is 24th [when the Romans marked the solstice] As long as there are no Midsummer Murders, I shan’t mind!

juggling owman I have used a Filofax since the early 1980’s. I know others have moved on to electronic gizmos, and Blackberries etc – but I am happiest with pen and paper. We both have the same set of pages [dates on left, notes on the right] and regularly do “Diary Checks” so we can keep up with each other’s manic schedules.

What is alarming is the number of dates I already have to transfer to the new pages – currently all noted on the last page of this year’s diary.

I am a great believer in diaries [the appointments kind] if I don’t write it down, I may forget the details! And with a Filofax, I have everything at my fingertips. It has no batteries to run flat, I can make a note without tapping sounds, and I can tuck other important things in it [a photo of Bob, and a special note the girls once sent me] which cheer me up when I feel far from home.


When the family were all at home, I also had those multi-column calendars to list everyone’s separate commitments. Now there are just two of us, the Filofax suffices.

How do you keep track of your schedule?


  1. I had a filofax when I was teaching, but now my diary is enough......well, actually , three diaries. One in my bag, one by one phone and another by the computer phone. Remembering to transfer the information from one to the other takes more time than anything!

  2. A diary, definitely a diary. No problems with flat batteries, lost internet connections, incompatible wotsits or anything else. If my pen runs out I've always got a pencil or another pen so not problem. And it's nice to turn over pages forward and back.

    Superb and trouble free, except if I leave it by the computer at church and then go home...

  3. Actually I am also very fond of my now old and leather worn filofax! Trusty depository of phone numbers, addresses, mums of boys' friends numbers, and a little favourite section where for years now I've recorded the most striking quotes from books that I've read- and the page which must never be lost because it's my only record of my Teacher's Reference Number! On a quotidien survival level, though, it has to be the kitchen calendar, Oxfam via a friend!

  4. Calendar pinned up by the phone and a small pocket diary.
    The problem is getting hubby to put HIS stuff on the calendar (although he's getting much better at it).
    If it's not on the calendar, it isn't happening!


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