Friday, 11 June 2010

Give Up Yer Aul Sins!

I was so intrigued by the Irish Fig Roll Commercial that I decided to check out the makers – Brown Bag Films. And I discovered some wonderful short animations – all about 4½minutes long. Back in the 1960’s a recording crew went into a primary school in Dublin and asked the children to retell Bible stories in their own words.

In recent years, BBF have taken these tapes, and added animation – and the results are great! I cannot imagine any of the children I teach now [except maybe one or two who attend Sunday School] being able to recall so much of the biblical detail.

There is a whole cache of these on YouTube – I am including two I particularly enjoyed – the story of Lazarus, and death of John the Baptist – this last one was Oscar nominated!!

Do watch out for the” Possels Taking Tea at Bethany and the “Leopards Full With Sores An’ All” being cured!





I love the way children put their own interpretation on things and if they do not recognise a word, often substitute one they do know.

I have a friend who tells me that as a child, she enjoyed the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Unicorn. And when my brother was about 5 he came back from Sunday School and told us of a character in the Old Testament who was so wicked that “The Lord smoked him and he died”

So be warned! Repent! and give up yer aul sins!!


  1. This is one AMAZING story teller! Absolutely fantastic! Loved it!

  2. Simply amazing! I just ordered the DVD on Amazon.

  3. I didn't get time to watch the vids - hopefully come back tomorrow to watch.

    But oh I did laugh.out.loud at the "Ethiopian Unicorn".


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