Wednesday 2 June 2010

Where On Earth Is It?

I have lost a dress pattern. Actually I think I may have lost a small shoebox full of dress patterns. This particular one is for a night-vintage pattern dress which I think will make an ideal evening dress for Tallulah in Bugsy Malone. Last week I went confidently to the larger box labelled patterns [containing 3 small shoeboxes all full of patterns] But the one I wanted was not there. I couldn't locate a couple of other patterns of similar vintage, so I decided they were elsewhere. I found this one - but it's the wrong one!


tubtrug1 So has begun my Half Term Quest To Find The Pattern. I have been unbelievably ruthless as I sort through boxes, shelves, cupboards in the hunt. This morning the binmen came and both 'regular' and 'paper recycling' bins were absolutely full. There is a large pink plastic tub-trug which is overflowing with 'stuff for Charity'.

tubtrug2 And a purple one which is filling up with random craft materials for this year's Holiday Club [that will save money].

And a yellow one with small boxes and bits of fabric for my class at school who need them for technology next week




Bob is really quite pleased at all this energetic decluttering. In fact, I could almost suspect him of having found the pattern a couple of days ago, and hidden it just so I will keep going. But he is way too kind to do that.


However since last Wednesday, I have to report that I have found the following items - many of which I had forgotten I still possessed

A set of Cambridge Logarithmic tables from 1967 [do they still use them any more? my edition is selling for £2.70 on Amazon] kept

gi diet A File full of various newspaper clippings for things like"The Times Beach Body Diet 2007" ""Good Housekeeping Bikini Diet  "PrimaDietClub etc - none of which I ever got round to following! recycled

Loads of greetings cards which I kept because at the time they felt  important "Thank you Angela, for your kindness, love Valerie" - who is Valerie? When was I kind to her? recycled

A set of beautifully designed, laminated cards in an envelope labelled "Maths Game" - but no instructions, and I cannot remember how you play it!discarded

DAFT A ringbinder containing newspaper pages which was obviously my mother's - full of articles from the Dereham And Fakenham Times [DAFT] - the local paper from home. "Dereham Girl Achieves Top Award" "Local Boy Wins Norfolk Poster Competition" "Church Celebrates Pastor's Anniversary" Except Mum never sees to have got any further than just ripping out the pages and tucking them in the folder- they aren't trimmed/dated/stuck in - just loosely folded up. kept [I will sort them out - someday!]

money Also about £8 in loose change [that got spent on Saturday!] and an amusing Father's Day Card [still in cellophane packet] which - according to its label - was bought, greatly reduced, in M&S, in January 1998. [Dad died in February 1998 - but why have I kept the card?] kept temporarily [I shall send it to Bob in 2 weeks time then he can recycle it]

haberdashery And then there is all the random haberdashery which seems to have been put down in the wrong place- spools of thread, tape measures, safety pins

...and dozens of pens, pencils, notebooks and diverse small stationery items.

I could probably stock a branch of Staples I think!

kept- and put away properly!

I have listened to lots of interesting radio whilst working, and found all sort of things which will prove useful eventually.

But still no sign of that pattern...

It is there somewhere -back to the decluttering!


  1. I know that feeling. I so need to start sorting for the last 5 years everything just gets put aside. I am doing a boot sale on 20 June so will make a start them and then plan to be ruthless when Finlay starts school in Septmeber

  2. Ang, if you cant find it you might try googling 'vintage patterns' as it is amazing what can be found. I kept seeing all the ones from the 60s that I had 'recycled'!

  3. Sometimes I can't find a certain thing until I move! LOL!

  4. All that wonderful sorting out must be making you feel good anyway. But there is nothing more frustrating than misplacing something. It just drives me crazy! Good luck in finding the pattern really soon.


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