Friday, 18 January 2013

Of Cats And Logs

Sorry Jane – these ‘cats’ are catalytic converters. My car needed a complete new exhaust system – efficiently fitted by Steve and co at Kwik Fit of Hinckley [while I was round the corner at the Hospital having my Pre-Op assessment]

kwik-fit hinckley

It is the first major repair I have had in the ten years since I got my little blue Daewoo Matiz- and the cost…well it was almost exactly equivalent to 1p per mile that I have driven. I drive just over 4000 miles a year.

The Pre-Op thing involved being weighed and measured and tested for MRSA. Lots of advice about Post-Op exercises [and the frustrating news that I cannot go into school for a week]

DSCF5169The ‘logs’ were on the lovely Margareta fabric which Steph and Mark had for their lounge curtains. They were given this by someone who didn’t want it – about 11 metres of it [currently £7 a metre in IKEA] They bought lining fabric and I spent Monday making the curtains for them.

The wooden pole and rings had been left by the previous owners of the house. We were all pleased with the result!


There is enough fabric left for some cushion covers too. I forgot to take a second photo of the new sofa- it is L-shaped and fits beautifully round the corner – and the brown fabric cover is lovely. The whole room has a forest-feel!


  1. What a wonderful gift for a new home.

  2. Forest living is highly recommended!
    Cats and logs sound just like my home.
    Jane x

  3. How very organic and gorgeous! I laughed when I read about the first major repair- I thought you were still talking about your impending op!!

  4. Somewhere I saw that IKEA do a round tray in that log design if they wanted to take forest-feel to the extreme!

    1. I know - I keep being indecisive as to whether or not to get it!

  5. Ouch! I'm very luck, my husband was a mechanic many moons ago and can still do some repairs (those that are not digital or electrical).
    Those curtains are lovely.

  6. The log curtain looks lovely.

    Glad the Pre-Op was uneventful and hope all goes well for you.


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