Tuesday, 1 January 2013


walnut whipDo you like Walnut Whips? Marion asked Bob the other night. When he said he did [after much reminiscing about the WWs of our youth] she presented him with this year’s M&S Indulgent Whip.

A chocolate WW in a box 6” high – with 5 ‘mini whips’ inside.


We put it in the kitchen next to the coffee maker. It seemed a safe place at the time.

But disaster struck – the morning sun shone through the window, and melted the whip – and the plastic bag inside contained five molten mini whips!

casesWhat should we do?

In the Cornerstones kitchen drawer I had a pack of 12 silicone petit four cases which I got for 50p in a sale many years ago – and had never actually used. 2013 is their year to shine! Bob put all the chocolate in a Pyrex bowl and very gently melted it in the microwave.

DSCF5123Then he stirred the mix, containing chocolate, marshmallow and walnut pieces – and carefully spooned it into the cases. And left it in the fridge to set.

The first silicone case peeled off beautifully, but I am leaving the rest in place, to protect our fancy walnut sweets on the journey home.


  • “Portion control” will certainly be much easier with the twelve little treats, rather than a huge chocolate shell. And so satisfying to begin the year with an act of rescue!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Now I have just remembered we have some Philly chocolate in the fridge! lol!

  2. What an excellent solution to your dilemma. I fear I would have just scoffed the lot, licking melted chocolate from the plastic wrapper!!

  3. That's such a sad story but with such a great ending! Sadly, I don't like Walnut whips- not keen on nuts and fruit in chocolate!x

  4. I sat on a bag of chocolate coins earlier- they are total molten-squish now!

  5. Inspired idea! I suspect you weren't expecting the sun!

  6. This reminds me of when Chris was on his way to the Falklands.Mum was determined to send Chris some chocolate for Easter. Mum sent creme eggs...Chris received them just over the equator..they were a melted blobby mess..but quite delicious,apparently!
    Jane x

  7. Great idea. Hope they taste as good as a walnut whip.

  8. How resourceful your Bob is!!
    I love walnut whips - but haven't had one for years.......and the diet starts tomorrow - one stone to lose by Easter .....eeeek !!

  9. Very good idea to have tiny ones that you can take time over eating!

  10. I don't know that we have walnut whips here, but what you made of yours looks quite delicious!

    Happy New Year!



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