Friday, 4 January 2013

The Knee Bone Connected To The…

cartilage knee etc

Thank you everyone who has sent kind messages about my knee. I saw the consultant yesterday and he had the results of my MRI scan.

He says there is damage to the meniscus and the articular cartilage, and also signs of arthritis, as well as the ‘normal wear and tear to be expected in a woman of this age’

Keyhole Surgeon

Consequently I am expecting to have keyhole surgery later in the spring which should make a significant difference.

They were incredibly kind at the hospital, and the nurse said she herself had this op a few years back and it has really helped.

I shall be so grateful if it reduces the pain. Some activities [driving] are manageable – others [stairs, walking] are difficult, and others [running, Gangnam dancing] are impossible.

I am now waiting for my pre-op assessment, at which they will fix my operation date.


In the great scheme of things, this is all pretty trivial, and I have much to be grateful for. It may take a while to get it all sorted – but it will get done, and I will not have to pay for the op. In another country without the NHS, I might not have been so fortunate.


  1. Hugs Angela and at least you know what you are dealing with now. My brother has had the operation on both of his legs and it has certainly made a difference to him.

    Take care



    1. Thanks Pattypan - I am greatly encouraged by the number of people who are now telling me their positive experiences. It is helping a lot [cos I hate operations!]

  2. Oh don't you just love the comment 'woman of this age' I swear if I went to the Dr's with a broken wrist she would say 'It's only to be expected at your age' still as you say they are offering you treatment & it's free.

  3. So glad they are getting it sorted out.

  4. I'm glad that you know what's wrong and that there's something to be done about it, Ang. It makes a real difference to realise that pain isn't going to continue, I think. And you're right about the mdeical blessings - we have wonderful medical blessings here in France, too, and I've seen some ex-pats cry at the thought of returning to their 'home' medical systems and the pressure that will put them under.

  5. During an appointment, the 'woman of a certain age' phrase was mentioned a few times.I mentally gave myself a limit as to how many times I would allow the Dr to say it before I gave him a tongue lashing...he found something interesting and forget all about the 'woman of a certain age'.
    Jane x
    Ps How long will you be out of action for,or is it just extreme sports that you will need to miss for a while?

  6. Know your pain ~ I had a torn meniscus, not bad enough for surgery, and damage to the MCL. I had to wear a brace for 6 months ~ not fun. Hubby tore his MCL and meniscus, and had the surgery. The surgery isn't bad, and he is a lot better now. Quick recovery time.
    Praying for you.

  7. Angela - glad your knee is going to get sorted. But please no gangnam style afterwards! Happy New Year

  8. You may not be paying for your op, but I'd pay to see a bit of gangnam style from you afterwards :-)
    Good luck and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. x

  9. Hope all goes well, Angela. I was most impressed with the NHS just before Christmas, I fell ill with Bell's Palsy (facial paralysis). Saw my GP, she gave me steroids for 10 days, then I went back and she recommended an 'urgent physiotherapy appointment'. 10 days later, the Physio department rang me, offered me an appointment the following day and then another one 2 weeks later. The exercises were so successful that I was discharged on the second appointment. Looked daft doing them, but I didn't mind as I now look 'normal' (well, as normal as I'll ever look being a woman of a certain age!) again. When the NHS get it right, they are beyond compare!

  10. I'm thinking "keyhole" must be what we call "arthroscopic" over here. So glad you have a diagnosis and a treatment plan - especially one that won't cost you any money!

    Off now to look up "gangnam" which I know nothing about. (Hopelessly out of the loop.)

    P.S. Cycling is much easier on the knees than running.... :)

  11. Glad you are able to get it sorted and hope they can get the treatment done soon.
    Like you I am so glad we have a free health service, with our families health, esp my daughter's it is such a blessing.


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