Tuesday 25 November 2008

Customer Dis-Satisfaction

Well, I give full marks to Ikearast - we purchased two 'Rast' chests of drawers - about 8 years ago - and they were for Steph's bedroom - they went down to London with her and came back here in September. I wanted to put rearrange things and put them in my bedroom. The plastic drawer runners had all cracked and the drawers were not running smoothly. A quick trip to the store - and we got twelve replacement runners free of charge. And I managed to leave the store without purchasing any candles!

On the other hand spencer bear, the basket of flowers [and teddy bear]ordered for Auntie Peggy's 80th birthday has yet to arrive!

m&s flowersMy accounts page on the M&S website claims it was delivered yesterday - but it also says [bizarrely] that they will deliver another identical order on 8th January! Bob spoke with a helpful [but equally baffled] person on the phone today.

We have now established that M&S use HDNL to deliver their flowers. Had I known they used that company and not their own vans, I would never have ordered from M&S. Recently we have had no end of trouble with parcels couriered by HDNL, as have others we know.

I will give them until tomorrow to get this sorted [that's a full week after they said they would deliver] then I shall ask for my money back I think! It would have been easier to buy a bunch of flowers and drive to Essex in person to deliver them!

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