Wednesday 12 November 2008

Spots before my Eyes!

One thing I loved when my own children were younger was making their costumes for special days at school - so it is really great when friends ask me to help out with their little ones now.

pudsey 2008

On Friday it is "Children In Need" day. The BBC has had an annual charity appeal for children since Christmas Day 1927, when it was [naturally] a radio broadcast. In 1955 it moved to Television, and was fronted by the glove puppet Sooty. Then in 1985, Pudsey Bear made his first appearance as the charity's mascot. He has been updated and now has a bandage with multi-coloured spIM002941ots. My school has suggested that children wear spotty clothes on Friday.

So I have spent a happy hour or so with the Great Stash and half a yard of Bondaweb, turning an old pair of pyjamas into a suitably spotty outfit for Matthew. My young friend Grace tells me that at her school they have to dress in either pink or blue for the day. [Which sounds a much easier option for those Mums who don't have the facilities for making costumes!]

As far as I know, I amIM002842 not needed for supply teaching anywhere on Friday. If I do get a phone call, I shall just have to drape myself in my mock-Cath-Kidston spotty kitchen tablecloth!

The Sewing Club girls are busy making aprons and pincushions, and the Sunday school children have made biscuits, to raise money for this year's appeal. It's certainly an event which catches the kids imagination, and encourages them to think of others.


  1. Don't you hate that bit of supply... never knowing until 9am whether you can plan a day or not? I only really need 2 days a week so when they're Monday and Tuesday I feel free to plan things for the end of the week... I'm out for lunch this Friday!

  2. Have a great lunch - my rule is Never Teach on Mondays - as it is Bob's day off and we try to always spend time together. It is the self discipline of getting up and getting on with things on a non-teaching day that is sometimes hard!


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