Monday, 10 November 2008

Post Early For Christmas

Well, maybe not this early - but Royal Mail have just announced the designs for this year's Christmas stamps.

2008 stamps Now I appreciate they have a policy of alternating 'religious' and 'non-religious' designs, so this year is the N-R one. But being first, a boringly efficient person who gets her cards posted promptly [so never relies on last minute collections] and second, a mean and thrifty person who wouldn't buy a first class stamp if a cheaper option available, I was a bit frustrated this year. Quite frankly,I do not like the rouged-up, pouting pantomime dames of the 2nd class design. Captain Hook is good fun [I love Peter Pan, and visited J M Barrie's birthplace in Scotland a few years back] but I do not often need 50p stamps.

However I am thrilled to discover that you can still buy online at  last year's stamps online from the Royal Mail Website. So I have just ordered 2007 stamps these, which were one of last year's designs. I'm intrigued they are still available - in 2007 Royal Mail produced two 2nd class stamps- the Angel and the Madonna, but did not make the latter widely available, and a number of people made a fuss about it! Perhaps they have suddenly woken up to the fact that there are other [bizarre] people like me out there, who like their Christmas Greetings to reflect their Christian faith. [My apologies to the Village Post Office, for not buying there, I do try and support this excellent facility when I can.]

This is one time of the year when I feel justified in going on [and on and on...] "It's all about Jesus!" - don't even get me started on my rant about those cards which display snowmen and Victorian coaching inns!

I must leave the PC now, it is Monday-Day=Off, and my own personal First Class Male wants to use up our freebie cinema tickets to go and see Quantum of Solace. It is pouring with rain, so a cosy seat in a warm cinema seems a reasonable destination for the day!


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  2. Angela,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I haven't yet started to think about Christmas cards, but should start soon! The Madonna stamps are very pretty.

    Did you like Quantum of Solace? My husband has been waiting to take me to see it. The movie starts here on Friday. He is a James Bond fan!

  3. Quantum of Solace - I quite enjoyed it - I shall have to do a proper blog about it later today I think, as people keep asking my opinion!


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