Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fired with enthusiasm!

I love Christmas time - so many things happening, and even though I IM002961 am incredibly busy, the diversity of the activities in which I am involved seems to keep my adrenalin going.

Monday was only a partial Day Off for me - into town for the Bank, GPO and coffee with Bob, teaching in the afternoon, giving a friend's child his tea and putting him to bed whilst Mum & Dad were at his sibling's concert, then onto knitting club in the evening.

Tuesday included teaching, sorting out those IKEA drawers, and in the evening,sitting in front of TV working on another Christmas project [ to be revealed later] and planning a visit to Liz on Sunday night to deliver the futon.

Wednesday I did a phenomenal amount of housework, then lunchtime was helping a friend waitressing as 30 OAPs had a Christmas Lunch. Then Sewing Club followed by a very happy Church Meeting [which didn't last too long either!]

Today I have been working on more production costumes for school, going to our Coffee Drop In, and spending a bit of time at the PC. M&S have agreed on a full refund for the non-existent flowers, and I now know the best and cheapest source of replacement walking stick ferrules [For a friend - I am not in need of a stick just yet!IM002962]

And in the middle of all that, a text message from Steph in Malawi, saying all is OK and they fly back tomorrow, and it has been a really worthwhile trip.

I made eight of the firefly headbands - and decided to fasten them with ribbons threaded through metal eyelets. That way they can be stored flat and will keep better. The holographic card is lovely and reflects the light beautifully. When the children dance they should look like little flickering flames!

eyelet punch I got the eyelet punch, along with eyelets and a variable size hole punch in Sainsburys "Tchibo" section a few years ago. The whole set cost about £4 and it has proved incredibly useful, and gives things such a professional finish.

I feel really blessed today - I have such a lovely family and belong to a really caring fellowship, and although I could undoubtedly earn more if I worked full-time, I am sure it would not be as fulfilling and happy as the varied life I lead now.

At the meeting last night, Bob read a lovely translation of Hebrews 10, which has stuck with me since - it is so good to remember that God can be trusted- and I love the idea of 'outbursts of love'.

"Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Let us think of ways to motivate one another to outbursts of love and good works."


  1. My dear Angela - please bottle whatever it is you are on and send to Tamworth asap - I need some of your energy - lol!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, you do sound really busy! But your happy about it and that is what matters :) Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog, they cheered me up and gave me fresh perspective.

    By the way... have we answered the question yet as to exactly why they have fireflies in the nativity? ;) They'll be pretty I'm sure, but still....!


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