Sunday, 9 November 2008


This morning's service was very well attended - including some folk who came simply because it was Remembrance Sunday. Bob was continuing his Seven Deadly Sins Series- and today was on Pride.IM002943

On arrival at church, everyone was given a small coloured slip, which they subsequently filled in with the name of a person of whom they were proud.

Later on, during the Sermon Slot, the children went out and pasted IM002938 all these slips onto a template shaped like a Victoria Cross.

It looked really effective - and some of the words on the slips were quite moving.

People were proud of parents, children, friends - for all sorts of achievements.

One of the Williamson children in Peru is celebrating a birthday soon [I am fairly confident he doesn't read this blog!] so the children also made Samuel a birthday banner today.


Feliz Cumpleanos is Spanish for Happy Birthday to You. On the back are the names of the children and a greeting.

Due to the wonders of modern technology - and a lot of hard work with a recalcitrant church PC this week - we were able to link in to the BBC broadcast from the Cenotaph. I always find this very moving, the two minutes silence, then watching the Queen laying her wreath on behalf of the nation, as she has done for 56 years now. Some things change each year; no longer The Queen Mum, Diana and Fergie watching from the royal balcony [now it is Sophie and Camilla] and the various politicians change [Mrs Thatcher looked rather frail, and I wish Boris would get a proper haircut] and the religious dignitaries vary each year - but for as long as I can remember, the Queen has laid her wreath, then walked carefully backwards down the steps, and bowed her head briefly. She is always gracious and dignified. Prince Phillip looked rather cold and old. Hope they didn't keep him outside too long in the bitter weather.

After the service, we joined the congregation from St Barts, and walked down to the War Memorial by the Village Hall. There must have been around 200 people present - not bad for a small village on a cold damp Sunday morning in November. The Guides & Scouts were parading too. Today - like the Queen, I wore a hat [a rather gorgeous black felt affair which Liz left in the wardrobe here] I think it is an important mark of respect on this occasion [and it also helped to keep me nice and warm.

dunsmore chrisd Added to the roll call of names this year was that of Christopher Dunsmore - a 29 year old local lad who died in Southern Iraq last year.

It was good that he was included- but so sad that the list had to be added to.

We began our service with that great old Isaac Watts hymn, "O God our help, in ages past" and ended with a newer one as a benediction

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me;
Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be.
With God as our Father, Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother In perfect harmony.
Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.
With ev'ry step I take, let this be my solemn vow;
To take each moment
and live each mopoppyment
In peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.


  1. I don't 'do' remembrance day services... for as long as I can remember the day has me in tears, and I just find it so embarassing to get sympathy for an act I find so cathartic, but I do do the Cenotaph. And I do like the Queen. I know she's getting older and that one day the first wreath will be laid by someone else, but she is a symbol of constancy in this world... and the only person wick enough to ask all those brainbox accountants why nobody saw the crisis coming! God Bless Her, I say, and thank God we have a Queen, rather than an elected official!

  2. What a fantastic gong (medal) - and what a great idea. Seems a good way of exploring healthy and unhealthy pride, and of honouring war dead without glorifying war. Idea stowed away in my brain for future use!!

  3. AJ - I SO agree with you about the Queen! I believe she is a wise woman of personal faith and I respect her a lot [not sure about other members of her family tho] And it IS a blessing to have the constancy of her presence in Buck House, as opposed to a changing President in the White House.
    C - all teaching ideas published in this blog are for sharing, if they are a help to others!


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