Monday 17 November 2008

Nerd, Geek or Dork?

Bob posted about being a nerdnerd - but then I never had any doubts I was married to one. However,   in the interests of science, I tried out this test, on myself, and I'm slightly alarmed to find that I come out as a "modern, cool nerd". Was I a nerd before I married him? or has thirty years of nerdiness in the home somehow infected me? And what effect has this had on our children? I watch "The IT Crowd" occasionally - and I really don't think either of us is like any character in that series. And if we are, please don't tell me, it would upset me too much!


  1. I am a 'pure nerd' with regard to academia - scary!

  2. I'm Joe Normal... was leaning towards nerd but overall I'm ok, I've obviously escaped genetic nerd-ishness!

  3. Sorry Julie! Glad you are Ok though, Steph!!


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