Thursday, 13 November 2008

Neither shaken nor stirred

craig tea towel We went to see Quantum of Solace on Monday. I enjoyed it more than Casino Royale. I am still not altogether convinced about Daniel Craig as Bond though [so please do not buy me this Emma Bridgewater tea-towel for Christmas!]

007 solace

Good things - great chase scenes, Judi Dench [she is a brilliant actress, I think], wonderful scenery [although I think the shots of 'Bolivia' were done in Chile] Daniel Craig in a suit [but then I do think almost any man looks good in a suit] I adored the shots of the Palio de Siena [Steph and I visited Siena the day after the Palio in 2006]

llewellyn Less good things - not enough proper gadgetry [I miss Desmond Llewellyn as 'Q'] not enough plot. The song didn't strike me as memorable. There was an awful lot of 'product placement'

Bob was annoyed that the "In Case of Fire" [en cas d'incendie] notice on the back of the hotel room door was misspelt. I am sure there was one scene where Judi Dench's earrings changed halfway through, but I shall just have to watch carefully when it is on TV at Christmas sometime!

My overall conclusion is that the film had a theme rather than a plot. If you like Bond films, you'll probably enjoy it - but I don't think it will be listed among the "Best of Bond" films.

According to Ian Fleming's original short story, the Quantum of Solace is defined as "a precise figure defining the comfort/humanity/fellow feeling required between any pair of people for love to survive. If the Quantum of Solace is 0, then love is dead." No - I do not really understand either!!


  1. I'm old and I still think that James Bond is Sean Connery. He was the best and always will be. :)

  2. Angela,
    Thank you for the review of Quantum of Solace. I love Judi Dench also, she is a brilliant actress. (I loved her in "As Time Goes By", my daughters bought the series for me. We enjoy watching it together!) I also miss Q. Q was such a great character in Bond films! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, as is my husband. He's been waiting for weeks! (I have to admit Daniel Craig has beautiful eyes!) Thank you again.

  3. Bring back Sean Connery!

    If you fancy something totally silly, I have just tagged you with a meme thingy on my blog.


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