Saturday, 8 November 2008

Handy for the Andes!


I have been doing lots of tidying up and I found this.

It is the Peruvian Hat I knitted for Liz when she was a baby.

I found the pattern in a library book, and knitted it from oddments. Bob and Steph had them too!


DSCF0022Here is a picture of Jessica and Sam Williamson in their Peruvian hats - they sent the photo to Bob as a birthday gift on Tuesday!

I wonder why I never put the plaits on the ones I made - I guess they cannot have been on the pattern. It was about 25 years ago!

And why have I kept the little hat all this time?

The correct name for this style of hat is a chullo, and the knitters [men and women] of the Andes produce these with incredibly fine wool - some even sharpen bicycle spokes for needles!

I have learned a lot about Peruvian knitting from this wonderful site.

Now I shall get back to tidying up and see what other treasures I can unearth.


  1. I haven't learned how to do YouTube links yet - apologies if the song keeps going everytime you open the blog!

  2. That hat is lovely. I have been searching for one like that in the shops to cover my ears while I am out walking, but I've had no luck. I wish I could knit one, but my 'knitting education' is still at the 'knit only' tea-cosy stage. I could always knit a large tea-cosy as a hat.... I will say, I do make brilliant bobbles ;)

    Thinking about it, I'm sure I had one of those hats when I was younger. It must have been all the fashion!

  3. Seraphim - it was a dead easy pattern - only knit, purl and knit2tog stuff.
    Liz - no - your head is too big now. I shall hang on to it until you produce a grandchild for me who can wear it. I don't think I am inclined to return the black felt one either, I got quite fond of it this morning at church!!


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