Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Psalm 127:2

OK, I admit it - I did not go to bed last night! I sat up till 4.45am watching the US election results, then curled up for a few hours and slept on the sofa. It would have been mean to go upstairs and wake Bob - who only managed to stay up till about 2am.

Fortunately I knew I wasn't teaching today and had other stuff to do at home at my own pace, so being sleepy hasn't been too much of a problem.

I couldn't just sit about and do nothing while Dimbleby et al waffled on, so I had a tray of buttons on my lap and produced LOADS of bracelets.IM002932

I was really pleased with themIM002933, and have more than enough for my Christmas gift list.  I may take some to the Craft Fair at School and  see if they will sell there. I plan to make some voile bags to put them in.

I worked out a way to arrange them for the photo - on a cardboard

wrapping paper roll! I happen to have an empty roll because I spent Monday evening wrapping gifts. Please don't get annoyed with me! The more I get done now the more time I will have when December gets here to enjoy the important spiritual side of Christmas - the part IIM002931 love the best.















Now the voting is over, let us not forget to go on praying for the USA, and for Obama, their President-Elect.


  1. My mom had everything bought AND wrapped for Christmas early too and I'm the same way. LOL!

    Love your bracelets! :) That's a great way to display them too!

  2. Angela, is that really a gift-wrapped turkey in the top right of your photo?! ;-)

    Very impressive to be so advanced in planning - I haven't even begun thinking about the non-spritual side of Christmas yet!

  3. Glad other people wrap early.
    No Catriona, it is NOT a turkey - the perishable edibles get wrapped at the last minute, it is only the NON-perishables that get sorted out early!
    And as Pastors have lots of Christmas sermons to prepare, I think you should be excused from having to do too much non-spiritual planning anyway.


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