Sunday, 23 November 2008

Fayre Trading

My School Christmas Fayre went incredibly well. In fact, it appears to have done much better than the one in this village - which unfortunately was booked for the same day.IM002956

Here's part of my stall with everything set out - and on the left a poster and flyers for the Church Panto.

[every customer got a flyer in their bag. I'm trying really hard to advertise this event!]

IM002958 At the other end of the table was my sewing machine, and I worked hard all afternoon producing bibs and facecloths with names on.

That proved really popular. I was so busy that I never actually got away from the stall once the Fayre started, although beforehand I did manage one purchase! IM002959 The table next to mine was covered in Hush Puppies shoes [seconds] and the boots were £10, the shoes were £5.

So I treated myself to a pair of smart brown court shoes.

It was a good opportunity to chat to children and parents - many of whom were fascinated by the embroidery machine, and I hope some of them do come along to the Panto.

I was very grateful to Bob, for delivering another multiway socket and extension cable to the PFA, in the morning while we were setting up, and then for returning later on in the afternoon and fetching me cups of tea from the refreshment area! Lots of the kids [and parents] spoke to him, as they know him from Holiday Club.

There is a lot of work involved in a day like this - and I admire the commitment of the PFA Mums [and a few Dads] who labour so hard to raise money to provide the school with extra treats. The parents in general were supporting the day, and there was a lovely atmosphere. But I came home utterly exhausted - having sewn and sold two dozen facecloths and a great deal more besides.


  1. Congratulations on a successful day--my only question is, how long did it take you to recover? :)


  2. What makes you think I HAVE recovered?!
    I am afriad that there are still boxes of stuff all over the dining room waiting to be properly put away - and the fayre was 3 days ago!


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