Saturday 3 July 2010

Flying The Flag

I needed some inexpensive white fabric. And found it here…



All this England merchandise is reduced to clear! I must be the only person who is pleased about this! [I shall cut round the red bits!]

I also needed ribbons for one of our crafts – so appealed in church and said that for ONE DAY ONLY I would place a bag in the church for donations.


The picture above shows just a part of the fabulous hoard which our lovely congregation have generously donated.

The house continues to fill up with boxes and bags of Club Crafts, and Bob patiently goes from room to room trying not to trip over it all. I have cleared the Dining Room though – so he can fill it up with PA gear!

Perhaps the Rev on the TV sitcom will run a Holiday Bible Club – now that would be an intriguing plotline!


  1. Sure wish I could have sent some your way! At my place of work, folks are always dropping off all manner of craft supplies because someone has passed away and they have no more need of it. We've had to make more offices and consequently don't have enough storage space. Enjoy your supplies!

  2. I remember Holiday Bible Club from last year. Here you go again, Angela! I love the way your church family pitches in to help. What are you going to do with all the ribbons?


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