Friday 30 July 2010

Going Up In The World [And Down Again!]

We hired an inflatable slide from “Anstey Castle Hire”. Mostly for the amusement of the children at the barbecue. But I can never resist a challenge [even with my dodgy knee!]




Betty – the lady who has just celebrated 60 years of marriage and had a telegram from the Queen [so you can work out she is even older than I am] also wanted a go. Bob and Tez assisted [two other big kids!]



And after a splendid evening, with loads of fun had by everybody, it got dark and they all went home. Bob and I waited for the Inflatable Man [that’s relating to his trade not his appearance] to return.

I hereby apologise to the neighbours living in the vicinity of the church. All that loud whoopin’ and hollerin’ around 9.30pm was the Pastor’s wife playing happily on the slide all by herself in the twilight!!

1 comment:

  1. I really want to play on that bouncy castle!
    Of course it would just be to ensure it is safe for little ones! (he he he)
    Jane (in Canada)


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