Tuesday 13 July 2010

I Went To IKEA And I Bought…

This ought to be a party game, along the same lines as “I packed my suitcase and in it I put…”

I had a whirlwind trip up the M1 with my good friend Rachel and our random selection of purchases included


ikera hangers


ikea meatballs2

a candle

iken round candle

some cake cases

ikea cake cases

cinnamon buns

ikea buns

and an igloo!

ikea play tent

I am sure this game should end with

…and another bag of tealights

ikea tealight 

but neither of us needed any of these, so we resisted the impulse to buy some “just in case”. It is my belief that actually IKEA makes a lot of profit from people who buy a bag “just in case” whenever they go into the store.

Oh, and we each had a slice of Daim Cake, as they were only 50p today, due to the sale!

ikea daim cake

[Yes I know it is July, but I do have a genuine reason for buying an igloo!]

But sadly I was unable to buy Bob any of the pickles “We are currently unable to source the organic gherkins, Madam, sorry!”

Is there something you always seem to buy when you go to IKEA? [and no, the blue carrier bags do not count!]


  1. ha ha, I have the cake cases and the igloo too! I can not go to Ikea for fear I buy too much stuff, plus Newcastle is my nearest which is over an hours drive

  2. I always buy glasses. I suspect that now I sew I will always buy fabric. I do like the igloo. I could put one up in the garden to help me think cool thoughts in the warm weather(not that we have any at the moment

  3. Oh, how I LOVE IKEA!!!! Last time I was there I got lots of coat hangers too. LOL!

    BTW, how are their cinnamon buns?

    When my son goes off to college there is an IKEA store at the next exit. Something tells me that I'll be visiting the store more than my son. LOL!

  4. Well....I bought a kitchen.
    And I always buy their gooseberry jam when we run out of our own, it is delicious!

  5. I don't go to Ikea very often, despite having one only a couple of miles or so away, but when I do, whatever else I end up buying, and that, these days, is invariably nothing, I always come away with a stock of .....
    dog poo bags!! Ah well, it takes all sorts.


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