Tuesday 20 July 2010

Mes filles sont merveilleuses!!

Despite having studied to O level, and half a dozen holidays in France/Belgium and a husband who is half Belgian [and fluent in French] I am afraid my grasp of la langue fran├žaise is not all I’d like it to be. So I try to read something in French now and then. Preferably Marie Claire Idees!

When Steph went to Paris a few months back, she returned with a gift for me…


You can see by the dog-eared corners that I have been reading it avidly. First I look at the pictures, then try to read the articles, then laboriously translate the craft instructions, and dream of having the time to create all these lovely things.

This morning I had a text – in faultless French – from Liz – to say she has picked up the next issue for me – as she is in France with Jon for a few days.

aout 201

I shall look forward to collecting that when we visit the girls next month! But ‘personal’ sewing and crafts are strictly on hold for a bit – I have just sent two of my machines back to Bambers to be serviced, and the next few days I will be focussing on holiday club crafts.


In answer to PomPoms query earlier, the yarn I bought in Bangles’N’Tat in Ashby on Saturday was some Sirdar Crofter.

sirdar crofter

The blurb says…

“Crofter Dk is a beautifully soft, standard Dk yarn that has an incredible Fair Isle effect spray dyed onto the yarn - so the yarn knits as normal and the beautiful Fair Isle effect appears as you knit. You get the look of Fair Isle without the hard work!”

It is a blend: 60% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 15% Wool – and I enjoyed doing the ribbing on Saturday evening whilst watching the golf – but I probably won’t have time to knit more before the holiday now.
claret jugI am glad Lee Westwood [from here in the East Midlands] came 2nd in the golf, and Paul Casey [from Surrey]  and Rory McIlroy [my current favourite] shared 3rd place with Henrik Stenson of Sweden. Louis Oosthuizen deserved his win – but somehow there would have been more excitement at the end if he hadn’t been so far out in front. Here endeth the Golf Stuff!!
Back to Holiday Club preparations…


  1. I've only read one copy of MCI (in the doctor's wating room) and it was so good that I've acutally avoided looking at it in the shops, to avoid temptation whilst on the Challenge. Enjoy!

  2. I love Marie Claire, but only read it in the dentists!
    About time you came over to get a bit of language practice in!!

  3. Thanks for the photo of the yarn! Pretty! I look forward to Holiday Club updates!

  4. I am ashamed to say I have had a cardigan in that yarn on the needles for nearly two years! It's lovely to knit with.


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