Wednesday 28 July 2010

WasteWatchers - Wednesday

Everything continues to go incredibly well

  • the children are loving it
  • the crafts are working well
  • the songs are being sung with enthusiasm
  • the refreshments arrive on time and are greatly enjoyed
  • the games are played with excitement
  • the aerobics are done with gusto [even by the Oldies!]
  • the stories and drama are superb


Bob and I are completely shattered! I only managed to take two photographs today – one a mistake [I took a lopsided picture of the ceiling by accident] and this one.

Here is David, our incredibly hardworking Church Treasurer, and helper in the “Hedgerows” group, about to fix some flowers to their display.


I think he is panicking about being photographed!

But we are half-way through the week now – into the Home Straight!

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