Sunday 25 July 2010

Pebbles, Pears, People [and a Palm Tree]

Everyone had a blob of Plasticene [modelling clay] at church this morning – the introductory Sunday for Holiday Club. We made things**

Pebbles, rocks, stones…


A rock can be destructive – used as a weapon – or constructive, used to build – and it may conceal precious ore, minerals or gems. What sort of rock are you?

Pears, bananas, oranges, other fruit …



God made a world of nourishing fruit for us to eat and enjoy. We are called to live lives that bear fruit for Jesus, and display the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

People - tall, short, fat, thin



We transformed our Plasticene into all these shapes.


The theme of WasteWatchers is all about a God who can transform things – turning stuff the world regards as rubbish into something beautiful for His Glory. That includes people.

Things are just about ready for tomorrow. We all learned the official WasteWatchers Song this morning. The group names are all ‘regions’ – so I have lent my igloo to the Arctic

ikea play tent 

and of course, the Desert needed to borrow that palm tree![previously mentioned here and here] so I put it up before the service in a corner of the Hall.


Posts may be a little sporadic over the next few days, depending on my exhaustion levels!!

**all the Plasticene was returned after the service, and the colours all neatly separated for future use, as Bob requested. What a well-behaved lot they are in our congregation.


  1. ..and no plasticine model was hurt in the making of this session.....

  2. I'll be praying for your holiday club. Hope it goes well


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