Tuesday 27 July 2010

WasteWatchers - Tuesday

You remember those cheap England flags that I purchased a few weeks ago?


Well, I cut them up into triangles, and every child was given one on arrival this morning.

They decorated them [with felt pens, paints and glitter] then we collected them all in.

Rachel, Katherine and I pinned them to some old beige nylon lace - not sure where I got it, it has been in the Great Stash for years, it is really cheap quality stuff, and isn’t quite nice enough to use for anything special – and it keeps twisting itself into amazing loops


Then Irene and Katherine untwisted and disentangled it all whilst I machined everything together. And at the end of the morning, Bob helped me tie it all up outside…



There is a gentle breeze – always a good thing when you have hung out some pretty bunting, I think!

The groups were all working really well – the Desert lot have produced some amazing camels



The Task Force Group continue with their special activity [hope they manage to finish it by the end of the week!]


Today’s game was good fun…


Two days down, three to go!

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  1. Wonderful camels! And lovely to see all those children. But I bet you're going to need a serious nap by the end of the week!



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