Friday 1 October 2010

Some Like It Hot, Spartacus!

Tony Curtis has just died. For a man whose life was full of so many sad mistakes, it is amazing that he could make such a hilarious film as this. The bizarre accent is modelled on Cary Grant

My other favourite TC film is anything but hilarious [although it has become the source of many jokes and spoofs]

Two of TCs six wives, and five of his six children survive him. The most famous of these is probably Lady Haden-Guest – better known as actress Jamie Lee Curtis. JLC is the daughter of TC’s first wife, Janet Leigh, the actress who starred in Psycho – TC was JL’s third husband. How complicated can one man’s family life get? Born to Hungarian Jewish immigrant parents in New York, TC ended his life a millionaire, with a daughter married into the English aristocracy!


  1. Some Like it Hot...there were so many hilarious moments in that film!

  2. Interesting info - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hmm. Took me back to childhood weekends watching black and white films on a very small square TV. Like the blog Angela!

  4. I love Some Like it Hot too, and Spartacus, they don't make epics like that any more.

    He had a very...interesting life but it's sad that he's passed away.


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