Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Catch A Falling Star!


You win some, you lose some! The star costume fitted beautifully – but the child concerned had to spend half an hour of the production sitting on a bench. It was too stiff for her to sit down in comfort.

‘That’s OK’ said colleagues, we will just slip it on her when she needs to go on stage.

Then we realised that she was not just standing on the stage ‘twinkling’ – but she had to climb up the steps, then dance on stage, and climb up and down more steps in the dance. And she could not do that with the stiffening strips. So they were removed. Star still looked fitted and good, but was no longer rigid.


Rehearsal progressed – but then we discovered that the gold foil was amazingly crinkly and rustle-y once child was able to move her arms and legs easily! It made so much noise it drowned out the soft voices of the speakers.

Costume duly abandoned.

This costume is fine for a stationary star – but not an all-singing, all-dancing one.

That said, I watched the whole production and felt it was superb. These young children, under 5 years of age, performed really well. They are currently learning Makaton – they can sing AND sign

I am taking a break from costume production for a while [I think!]


  1. How disappointing when you had put so much work into the costume.

  2. Such a great shame after all the thought and work you put into it. Hopefully you can salvage some of the fabric so that it will not be completely wasted.

  3. Oh you did such a great job on that costume Angela. It looks superb. I'm sure you'll find a use for it somewhere soon.

  4. It looks amazing! Too bad it didn't work for the program after all the work you put into it.



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