Monday, 21 March 2011

Why I Volunteer

I found Friday night’s meeting [the one with the two Bishops] a little depressing. Mainly because the people who were very vocal were also very negative about the lack of people doing anything in their community, and also about the lack of younger people involved in doing things for others. I wanted someone else to leap up and say “But it’s not like that where I’m standing…” or “It’s Red Nose Day – hundreds of kids have done things for charity this week”

logoAnd I didn’t feel I was in a position to say “we’ve got a Church Youth Worker, who is just starting some detached Youth Work; and two of our lads are building playgrounds in Africa; and our Sewing Club has made all these dresses for Moroccan babies; and…..” in case it sounded like KMFC is doing it all.

So I sat quiet.

I did mention afterwards to one of the Bishops [who worked in Malawi for years] that my daughter had visited Malawi with a Unicef group a few years back. He asked me about my family, and I tried [unsuccessfully]not to overdo the proud Mum bit. Steph has also spent a summer with street children in Brazil, and Liz has done a fair bit of volunteering in the UK.

So here’s a link to Liz’s blog, about her reasons for volunteering.I think it is a well written article. [but then I would, I am her Mum!!]

liz at battersea

Liz looks happy being a Battersea volunteer- not sure about the dog though.


  1. It is odd that so many people want to see the negative side, when, as you say, so much is going on which deserves merit.

  2. I'm looking forward to checking out Liz's blog. She does look happy!


  3. My daughter was among a group of young people from our church that went to Malawi a few years back and did youth work and building work at a church with whom we have links. They came back very changed in their outlook on life.


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