Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feed Our Friends

Within hours of my last post, one friend had signed up to Graze, and I had an email from them - saying I could choose £1 off my next box or £1 to help a school in Uganda. That, as they say, is a no-brainer!

The graze website says

uganda school

Our school of farming is based in Kabubbu, a village in the heart of rural Uganda. Students are taught how to grow, maintain and then harvest fruit from their own trees. Graduates are then given support by Mr. Augustine Napagi (the head teacher) throughout their first few years of farming to make sure their orchards grow as much fruit as possible.

The amazing thing about the school is that it provides our graduates with a sustainable source of income. Each student is given the means to grow food for themselves, their families and to sell at local markets. Every penny donated to the school is spent on the ground in Uganda so it’s well worth donating your feed your friends rewards.

So thankyou, Eleanor, for signing up – as a teacher yourself, I know you will approve of a school receiving a donation like this!

I apologise to all my non-UK friends, I am sorry if I whetted your appetite, only for you to discover they do not post Graze Boxes outside the British Isles.

UPDATE - twelve hours on, and we have donated THREE pounds to Uganda - thanks!!

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