Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Matthew 9:22 “Take Heart, Daughter”

jo heim 2

You may have noticed that I have moved Jo Heim’s picture from my sidebar[I am just re-arranging things a bit.] That isn’t because I have stopped praying for her – but now I have added her blog [The Simple Wife] to my ‘regulars’ list – so it is easy to click there if you want updates.  But also, Jo’s progress is so amazing – read this wonderful post from her sister. Kristen is an accomplished photographer and has documented Jo’s progress from “stroke victim in coma” to “texting/eating/typing/manicuring” Do follow this link to her Busy Hands post to see pictures of Jo.

busy hands

I heard last weekend of someone else who has been ill – my friend’s email said

“She had cancer of the bowel last year and had all the chemo etc. They then found a lung secondary - which looked like more surgery and chemo. A lot of people have been praying for healing. When she went to the hospital week before last they couldn't find it- she has been healed from it.”

I cannot tell you why some people are healed and some aren’t. But let us rejoice in such good news whenever, wherever we find it – and thank God for His amazing grace and love.


  1. Those are both great news. I am thrilled to hear of your friend's friend's healing.

    I think this is partly why I understand 'healing' diffenretly from 'physical curing'... even when God does not cure a physical condition there can be new wholeness in the person's life. Whilst I obviously hope my cancer is cured - naturally or supernaturally - I also feel I am becoming a more 'whole' person as God works in this situation. Does that make sense?

  2. I have continued to visit and pray for Jo and am amazed by her progress. Your friend's email is stunning too. I praise in my prayers but I don't understand but I guess I am not supposed to understand :)

  3. I think we can just accept without understanding.

  4. I think my last comment may have disappeared into cyberspace so;
    Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out that a prayer has been answered; maybe not in the way I expected, but answered all the same. We are currently praying for Nora (daughter of Chris' colleague)she has been in an induced coma since October 15th. A person asked us why we bother when it seems hopeless;my reply was that while we are praying there IS hope.
    Jane x


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