Saturday, 19 March 2011


I talked like a Pirate all day – and was quite exhausted at the end! The day went amazingly well, and the children’s talent show was superb, with a dazzling variety of skills [songs, dances, jokes, a magician…]

Here’s Lenny Henry, encouraging you to join in. He is a full size cardboard stand up figure- I have had him about twenty years, and fetch him out every RND. The kids love him – he is currently standing in the entrance at school


Here’s me, being a pirate…


Here’s Bob with a primate…


…that was Thursday night at our Churches Together Lent Event. Technically, I think the Bishop Of Leicester isn’t senior enough to count as a primate. Do you think he goes here on his day off?

twycross zoo

I’d rather be a pirate than a primate [that Episcopalian shade of pink doesn't really suit me]


  1. Shouldnt you have had a parrot on your shoulder?!

  2. If I start giggling in church tomorrow, when our vicar mentions the 'Primate's Relief Fund' and I think of a huge sack of bananas, it will be your fault!!
    Jane x


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