Tuesday, 29 March 2011

In Praise Of Graze

This arrived on Saturday


Inside, a generous selection of four different ‘nibbles’


And helpful advice on nibbling them!


With a slogan which pleased my pedantic grammarian[he is very fussy about the correct use of ‘less’ and ‘fewer’]


This box was free, and I get another one next Saturday for just £1, after which I have the option to subscribe on a regular basis.

More details here at the Graze website.

We have been enjoying the little dishes of nibbles.


I also had an email from them at the weekend saying this…

hello Angela,

we hope you're enjoying your first graze box.

if anyone's taken a fancy to it, you can give them ALL a free graze box (for a limited time only) and earn discounts on your future boxes. Just forward on this special promotion code to give ALL your friends a FREE graze box and another half price…

free box code:

they enter at: ">www.graze.com >

For every friend you feed, you can get £1 off your next graze box or donate £1 to the graze school of farming - Uganda.

Liz and Steph tell me they have both enjoyed these snack boxes in the past too. So, dear friends, I am sharing the details with you.

Final thought  - If sisters and brothers are called ‘siblings’, should nephews and nieces be called ‘niblings’?



  1. Hi Angela,
    I have just been over to the Graze web site to understand what this is all about. It is all quite fascinating, but disappointingly I see that the offers are limited to UK addresses. Nonetheless, I will add a link on my blog as the idea may appeal to others, and spreading the word can't do any harm!

  2. Oooooooh, I wonder if they send abroad!!

  3. Dear Janys and ElizabethD - I am sorry to discover they only post to UK addresses. But thanks for spreading the word!

  4. My sister sent me a link to Graze recently. Seeing your post reminded me and I have just used your code to try them out for myself and see how nice the boxes of nibbles are :) Thank you for sharing x x
    karen s

  5. Oh, disappointed does not cover how I feel about this! I want to Graze! That does it, I'm coming to England. Please get your couch ready!


    p.s. Did I ever say thanks for the latest postcard? A treat!


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