Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lenten Giveaway #1

First up, some assorted threads and yarns and other bits and pieces for the needlewomen out there


I know that isn’t a PC expression – but needlepersons sounds weird and sewers sounds like members of the Effluent Society.

To be entered for this give away, simply leave a comment on this post – before MIDNIGHT on Saturday 12th March. That’s all.


  1. Thank you for offering a very useful giveaway. I do like a good yarn, don't you???

  2. I'm a needlewoman and returning to crafting after a spell away and would love a few new things to play with. When I started work fulltime (as opposed to parttime) I stopped crafting because I was just too tired trying to fit in work and home jobs and there were some health issues in the mix as well. I hate making something when I'm really tired because I always make a mess of it and so I stopped for a while. Now I'm coming back to crafting because I have itchy fingers and want to make something again. It is nice to find other people who enjoy making things as well.

  3. Hehe, would love to enter your giveaway
    Karen S
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  4. Hey thanks for tipping me off! Dxx

  5. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Lovely, add me in too please and thank you :)

  7. As a needlewoman I love sewing bits and pieces!!


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