Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancakes For Playgrounds

As usual, my friend Sue held her annual pancake party in aid of East African Playgrounds [the charity founded by her sons Tom and Alex]


There were quite a crowd of us tonight in the kitchen [and the lounge and the front room…]

The supply of pancakes seemed endless and there were toppings and chocolate brownies and drinks on the table for people to help themselves.

Two frying pans were on the go…


I didn’t take many photos of the guests [I forgot – as usual I was too busy chatting and chewing!] There were friends from the church, and the village, as well as parents of the boys’ schoolfriends.



There was also some African jewellery on sale


Have a look instead at some of the work the boys and their crew have been doing – and the bright, warm African sunshine – quite a contrast to the chilly evening weather here!

Check out the website for more info

eap field

eap kids

<Samsung NV3, Samsung VLUU NV3>

I hope you have had a great pancake day too – the comment on my earlier post from Mags was wonderful – definitely winning the prize for getting the most varied pancake opportunities in one day! And LizBeth, I love the idea of the Liberal Pancake Race!

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  1. I cooked several hundred pancakes to raise money the year my daughter went to the Baptist World Youth thingie in Zimbabwe. I have very clear memories of that particular fundraiser even after all these years : )

    It is a winner as a fundraiser. Most people love a pancake although we've always found that opinion is divided as to the best topping. For me, sugar and lemon wins every time.


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