Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It feels like a three steps forward, two steps back sort of a day.

forward and back

I had all sorts of tasks planned, as I knew I wasn’t in school.

Now I admit that allowing myself an extra half hour in bed, reading my book* did delay the housekeeping a little – but I was in school yesterday and I’d missed my Monday Off  Reading Time.


After breakfast, we’d agreed I would give Bob a much needed haircut. I took my half-drunk cup of coffee upstairs, and as he washed his hair, I changed the sheets.

Mistake Number One

sheetsI have two sets of bedding which fit our bed. On a day when the weather is fine, I take off the linen, wash it and then by bedtime it is dry and aired and ready to replace. If it is not an ‘outside drying day’ I put the stuff over the airer and let it dry inside. This takes a couple of days, so I put the second set of sheets on the bed.  I usually strip the bed when I get up – and then at bedtime, get Bob to help me make the bed with clean linen. Today I decided to strip the bed and put on my ‘second set’ of sheets straightaway. That was the first mistake

Mistake Number Two

coffee cupIf you are less than 5 feet tall**, and struggle with a Kingsize Duvet Cover, flapping your arms like a confused pelican, do not leave a cup of coffee on the dressing table next to you. I managed to knock the coffee over the clean sheet, clean duvet cover and the carpet. The cup was only half full – but it went everywhere. And of course, that coffee went all over Bedlinen Set Two [Clean] which then had to go in the laundry basket with Bedlinen Set One [Dirty]

Mistake Number Three

cupasou[p lentilIf you are less than 5 feet tall**, when you decide to re-organise and tidy the Futility Room [where my washing machine, freezer and storage cupboards reside] remember not to put things on top of high cupboards unless you can both REACH them, and SEE where they are going. Buying a zillion cup-a-soups may save money – but the packets go everywhere when you drop them. I know Jamie’s recipes often mention “Sprinkling from a great height” *** but I think he is referring to garnishing his dishes, it is not a general rule for handling foodstuffs!

Mistake Number Four

Red-Nose-Day-tshirtIf you are trying to be ultra-frugal, do not allow yourself to wander around the Red Nose Day website, as you may end up lusting after the tee-shirts! Having actually seen Hogarth’s “Laughing  Audience” at the Sir John Soane’s Museum last month, I really, really wanted one of those RND tee-shirts. Fortunately I was able to be positive about this and resist the urge to buy one. I admit to trying one on in TKMaxx though. Telephoned Bob for moral support [“Tell me I do not need to buy this garment, please!”] and left the shop sans purchase.

Mistake Number Five

natwestIf you had a Bad Banking Experience last month with a Quick Deposit Slot, using one again will leave you feeling anxious and wobbly! [But I needed to pay in the cheques, there was no available staff member, and the Rapid Machine which prints a receipt was Out Of Order]

Mistake Number Six

vax spot scrubberIf you lend your Vax Little Scrubber to someone, check the box immediately when it is returned. The instructions, and the little cup which dispenses the right amount of detergent, fit into the back of the polystyrene packing. I haven’t taken the VLS out of the box since I got it back last year – and only now do I discover the missing packaging, instructions and cup.


Despite these minor frustrations,

    • I have managed to get all the bedlinen washed – and the weather has remained dry enough to peg it out and get it dried.
    • I have got a bed to sleep in tonight – with clean sheets
    • I have got a cupboard full of food – and we will be able to have a meal this evening
    • I have got plenty of clothes to wear
    • I have got money in the bank and the bills are paid
    • I have worked out the correct dilution of detergent and got the bedroom carpet clean

I have so much to be thankful for and 99% of my tasks have been completed. Except the ironing [and that can wait a bit longer]

Three Mysteries Remain

  1. *In my book [Ian Rankin’s - Bleeding Hearts] He refers to a character who has “ a cool dry handshake, like that of a Baptist Minister” Excuse me – but is IR an expert on the handshakes of these people?? I bet have shaken more Pastor’s hands than IR has had hot dinners – and I reckon many of them [sadly] have warm, clammy handshakes! I stress my personal Rev has a good handshake, but I am intrigued by IR’s phrase.
  2. **I have been this height for over 40 years – why do I still find myself trying to do things more suited to women of greater stature? I will not waste time worrying about this [Matt 6:27]
  3. ***Sprinkling From A Great Height – is this a technique also practised by very tall Anglican Clergy?


  1. Oh Angela! One of those days, I think. I can imagine how you felt as the coffee went flying.
    Still, as you say, there are plenty of other blessings to count.

  2. LOL! That's hilarious. I would be too shattered by such a day to have the energy to write about it!

  3. I'd like to help out with conundrum #3 but our vicar is only 5'8" and I tower over him in heels.
    Jane x

  4. "The Futility Room!" LOL! I got one of those, too.
    Sounds like you had a crazy day, but it all worked out in the end!

  5. What a day! Maybe you wish now that you were at school!

  6. I'm just impressed that you have a futility room, whereas I live in a futility house...


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