Friday 24 May 2013

Cedars Of …Wimbledon!

We had a lovely meal with Steph on Monday evening, at a Lebanese restaurant in Wimbledon, just round the corner from her house


The decor was attractive, the food was delicious [and reasonably priced] and we really enjoyed relaxing together

cedars lebanon wimbledon

I particularly enjoyed the Moutabel Dip, and the Fattoush Salad – Bob liked the Falafels and the Basturma Beef [Sliced fillet of cured beef in spices, pastrami] Steph recommended the Hummus Kawarma Dip [Hummus topped with fried spiced lamb cubes and pine kernels] and the Makanek Sausages [Little spicy Lebanese lamb and pine kernel sausages fried and seasoned with garlic and lemon juice]


Meals where you have a whole selection of small plates like this are super, because you can have a small taste of everything! We finished with Lebanese coffee and a plate of Baklava Pastries.

For once I remembered to take the picture of our dishes before we started eating [which is why there is just one small strip of basturma on my plate!]

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  1. The decor looks very inviting...any wombles around?
    Jane x


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