Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fleece And Flowers

Two more projects finished by my pupils this week. Another one from this book

fabric 101 sew a metre

My student didn’t like the bear’s expression [and we decided stitching was better than ‘safety eyes’ for a small child] so she designed her own face. We used a narrow zigzag stitch. She drew the design on the back of the fabric and stitched from the wrong side. Here’s the one in the book, and the one we made…


My other student stitched a cushion for her bedroom [I forgot to photograph the pretty red and pink ‘strip&flip’ patchwork back]


No sewing lessons next week- it is half-term!


  1. Ooh how strange - the design on the cushion is almost identical to that I used on my hall chair.

  2. I am sew impressed! I do wish there was a class near me! Village Chronicles!

  3. I love that cushion, and the expression on the bear is fabulous!


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