Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rev Up Again!


After the accident back in February, we have taken our time in deciding what to do about replacing the motorbike. Full marks to Carole Nash Bike insurance, who paid up so promptly, with a fair ‘write-off’ price. We both loved the Pan European, but felt we ought to look for a newer bike – and as we didn’t have any extra money to put into the pot, we have been looking at the Honda Deauville. Last Saturday we collected this little beauty.

This model is a slightly smaller version of the Pan. This one has been pre-loved after by a biker from Nottingham - with a wife who is very slightly shorter than I am. I figured if she could climb onto the pillion then I could too!

So thank you to Paul and Helen, for selling us the bike, and to CNBI for the insurance money, and to everyone for their encouragement and good wishes over the last twelve weeks. Especially to Graham, our good friend and fellow Biking Baptist Minister, who even said that Bob could always have a ride on his Moto Guzzi sometime, if a replacement wasn’t forthcoming. That’s real friendship!!

I have to admit, I do like the red colour!


  1. Love it :)
    My car; Petunia (she's a Peugeot - my cars always have alliterative names!) is red. Red is best :)
    PS I don't suppose men name their motorbikes? Shame - so many choices, Dora Deauville, Hilda Honda, Dolly.........

  2. What a great bike! I'm sure you will both have some fabulous times on such a beauty. Jx

  3. Do your bike helmets colour coordinate with the bike? These things are important,you know!
    Jane x

  4. So glad it's all worked out and you're happy with the new motorcycle. I used to ride a 305 Honda Super Eagle, a vintage collectible now, and wish I still had it.

  5. Yeh, Bob rides again!!!! Niceeeee bike!x

  6. Great to see the biker smile again. Thanks for kind words about Graham. We are both smiling for you now.

  7. LOVE the red! Bob is so cool. For someone I've never met, I'm awfully fond of him.


  8. Fab! Good to see he's back on two wheels.
    One of my gripes about my brother's new bike is that I can't get on the back of it :-( But it's a lot more comfy for his 6'3" so I don't moan too much...

  9. So pleased for you both. Do you have red boots as well?


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