Friday 31 May 2013

The Co-operative – Good For Giggles!

DSCF5542They have just refurbished our local Co-op. Today the staff are dressed as escapees from St Trinians. Even the manager dressed up! They are fundraising for a disabled children's charity today too. Hope they raise lots.

All very cheerful, and lots of free samples to taste. I like the new layout of the store – it has the same area, but feels much less cramped. I do like the Co-op.



  1. Ha ha, great fun! Always good fun to dress up or see other people dressed up! I miss our COop round the corner!x

  2. Our local supermarket is a Co-op and I love it - great ethics. It's slightly more pricey but I can walk there so no transport costs and I'd rather put my money their way. Also I do get a lot of 'member' vouchers that ease the bill.


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