Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Signs And Wonders

He takes the signs down


He puts the sign up


He hammers the signs in


She wonders how many people will come?


  1. I'd come. Do you think you should write some Chronicles of Village Life, like Miss Read,or Miss Pym?

  2. Good luck with the sale, Angela.

  3. Ooh, make it Barbara Pym. I love Miss Read, but Miss Pym has just that touch of irony....

    I hope that many will come, from the east and from the west.

    P.S. We very much enjoyed Star Trek - Dr. McCoy's costume changes were duly noted. This is in accordance with the original series, by the way - the varied costumes on the doctor, I mean. I thought Simon Pegg did a slightly better job this time around - his accent seemed a little toned down, so as to be less of a parody and slightly more straightforward.


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