Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pause In Advent #1

pause in advent

It’s been a strange week. Last Sunday I posted about feeling low, and wanting to run away and hide, like Elijah, needing the angels to come and sustain me. Bob was going over to Cornerstones – to deliver some bits and pieces, and also to spend time quietly away from distractions, studying and praying.

From here on, it is wall-to-wall Advent/Christmas related events and he knew he needed time to prepare himself, and be quiet, and listen to God. While he was gone, I just got on with life, and surprised myself by how much was achieved.

Unexpectedly, I suddenly received loads of emails from Connexion members in Dorset, encouraging me, and saying they were looking forward to me joining the group down there. That was so lovely [practical messages too, about find work as a Supply Teacher etc] Having been really upset about losing my camera – I found it again, and found a cheque, and one or two other things I had temporarily misplaced. All of that cheered me up too. And all my teaching went well – and colleagues have been very supportive. These things all seemed to be blessings and sustenance from the angels!

But I am very conscious that it is only a couple of months till we move – especially when people keep saying ‘when do you go?’ ‘this will be your last Christmas here’ etc. It would be easy to feel guilty about things I have not done here in Kirby Muxloe, or sadness for the friends I am leaving [will I find such good colleagues in the staffrooms in future?] or feel anxiety about the move to Ferndown [how long will it take to find work?] Such thoughts are not profitable!

My Uncle’s death during the week was a little sad – now I only have one remaining Aunt. But I realised it is just a year since my other Aunt in Sheffield died. I looked up the poem which was printed in her funeral order of service. It seems very appropriate for me, as I enter Advent and all that lies beyond…

Loving Father, help me to live one day at a time,
not to be thinking of what might have been,
not to be worrying about what may be.
Help me to accept the fact that I cannot undo the past and cannot foresee the future.
Help me to remember that I will never be tried
beyond what I can bear,
that a Father’s hand will never cause his child
a needless tear,
that I can never drift beyond your love and care.


  1. That's a beautiful poem.

  2. A lovely poem, thanks for sharing. It is always a strange time the transition between charges, praying that God will continue to be with you at this time.

  3. Hi good Angela! You do have a lot on your plate. I have a horrible sinus bug so I might not post until tomorrow (my pause)❤️

    1. Get well soon PP! You need to be 100% fit for Christmas x

  4. What a lovely Pause and so very much in it about change that I can identify with. The poem is just perfect and really meaningful.

  5. Angela, I am so happy to have rediscovered your blog through visiting Pom Pom earlier today, The poem is beautiful and really made me pause for thought. Thinking of you at this time of change in your lives.
    I would like to join Pause in Advent again this year, will you add me to your list, please.
    bon dimanche,
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

    1. Bon dimanche, Maggie - you are on the list!!

  6. Love the poem, so suitable for advent. Not been blogging or visiting much,but have kept up on FB. Would love to join this years Pause from Working It Out at if it isn't too late.

  7. Many hugs to you Dear Ang. Take the quiet time, be still and know God will be with you wherever you go. x

  8. Wise words, in both posts! The true light is shining on every sadness and disappointment and fear x


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