Saturday, 15 November 2014

“P In A” Has Moved From ‘Troc’ to ‘Tracing’

pause in adventLots of you will have enjoyed the Pause In Advent tradition started by Floss [Troc, Broc & Recup] some years ago. This year, because of other commitments keeping her very busy,  Floss isn’t hosting the PinA. However, Alison at View from the Teapot has suggested to another Advent idea you may like to follow up instead.

advent wonderAdvent Wonder is a free email twice a week, containing an Advent reflection. However, I’ve been approached by other blogfriends, asking me to host the PinA this time round. Having checked first with Floss, and Alison, I shall indeed be doing this. The idea is that every Sunday during Advent [starting November 30th] you post a thought/ reflection/ whatever about the true meaning of the season. It need not be specifically Christian - just share something to make us pause and step back from the tinsel and trappings, and the crass commercialism which often obscures the real Christmas. If you are interested in taking part, please leave a comment on my blog, and I shall add you to the list on the right.

advent join

I have found much blessing in reading people’s thoughts in previous years. Do join in if you can. But please don’t feel guilty if you sign up and only manage one or two posts, or they appear in the middle of the week. If you are not up to posting, then just enjoy other bloggers PinA posts, and sign up for #adventwonder to read those inspirational pieces too.

Thanks to Floss and Alison for setting the ball rolling on this one!


  1. I'm in. Looking forward to being part of it.

  2. Include me in but in my Trundling Through Life blog (not Frugally Challenged).

  3. I've done it! I have added you both to the list. Feeling pleased with myself for managing another bit of technology.

  4. While I don't have a blog I do enjoy reading the PinA entries. Thank you for continuing this. It always helps to refocus my energies on what is truly important, preparing my heart rather than my home for Christmas.

    1. Thank you Sylvia - I imagine there are quite a few people out there who read and enjoy PinA - I am glad they have proved a blessing to you.

  5. I loved being involved in this last year and would like to join in again this year.

  6. I'd love to have a go, Ang. Can't promise much, but my thoughts are already turning towards personal preparation and reflection. Thanks xx

  7. Thanks for hosting, A. Sign me up!


  8. I would like to be involved please

  9. Yes I will join in too - hand in hand with Advent Wonder, but over at The View from the Teapot, not Fat Dormouse.

  10. I would like to join in again this year, thanks for hosting it.


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