Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

pause in advent

Starting next Sunday will be the Pause in Advent Series. Already there are twelve people signed up for this one – do comment somewhere on this blog if you would like to be added in. There’s a full explanation of Advent Pause here



And starting next Monday [December 1st] for the four weeks leading up to Christmas, I shall be sharing some more Top Tips to help make the festive season run more smoothly [I hope!]

If you want to read my previous Top Tips, then click on the relevant label in the sidebar. If you have any good tips of your own please share them with us! It is one of the great benefits of the internet, that we can share profound thoughts, and useful ideas, and learn so much from each other.

Yes, some things do get repeated year on year – but it doesn’t matter. Someone might be reading it for the first time, someone might have a new take on an old theme, someone might have seen it before but forgotten the details. Share it anyway – you never know who is going to be blessed by it.

[This is a good principle for all you evangelists out there too!]


  1. Hooray for Top Tips! I'm still waiting for the book....

  2. I like the idea of painting jigsaw pieces, might use that. Thanks.


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