Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Round And Round…Cakes And Cushions

Bob has a staff meeting in the Church Office every Tuesday morning, so he thought that as it was his birthday, there should be cake. So he made Delia Smith’s chocolate all-in-one sponge, iced and filled it with chocolate ganache, and sprinkled it very generously with chocolate balls. Looks good doesn’t it?


Meanwhile I was busy with a friend’s rather misshapen and sad looking cushion – I recovered it in a piece of fabric she gave me, and added a button, to make it look much happier.


I suspect that in the Great Packing Up which will be upon us shortly, the sewing machine will be among the last items to get packed!


  1. I've just caught up with your news, I'm sure you will enjoy your new life in Ferndown. Good luck with the move. I hope Bob had a great birthday, the cake looks great, as does the revived cushion. All best wishes, Vee x

  2. No Ang, the last item has to be the kettle, to make tea for the thirsty removal men!

  3. Belated Birthday Greetings to Bob! xx
    I got some sponge cake mixes from approved foods, have resisted making any cakes so far........

  4. Undoubtedly the sewing machine will be whirring to the very end. Gifting the nation from the Great Stash. The Great British Packing Bee begins.

  5. What I can't work out is how you manage to blog everyday and not give any clue that you had been visiting Dorset! Well done! and all the very best with the Great Upheaval and Move! God bless you x


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