Monday, 17 November 2014

An Acorn Antique

Do you remember this wonderful comedy?

In Norse mythology, it was believed that an acorn placed on a windowsill would guard against lightning strikes. Therefore it became common practice to put a carved acorn on the end of the pull cord on blinds. These things are still called ‘acorns’ even if they are made of plastic or metal, and whatever their shape. Frequently now they are used as light-pulls too.


I don’t believe in the superstition that acorns repel lightning and bring good luck to the household, and neither did my Dad. But he had a lovely wooden carved acorn light pull in his home.

When he died, I brought it back, and put it on the cord of the light in the downstairs loo. Now I have removed it, polished it up,and intend to put it on the pull cord in the bathroom at Cornerstones. So it will be returning to Norfolk. I just love the feel of the turned wood.


I have temporarily replaced it with a couple of wooden beads [notice the cleaner cord too!] I confess that when I took the acorn from Dad’s place 17 years ago, I was in a hurry, and replaced it with a small plastic cotton reel - I wonder if that is still in use?

At the moment, I am planning to be very busy with school and Church Christmas events for the next 6 weeks and then will start decluttering and packing in earnest after that. But the process is  slowly getting underway – Sarah went home with a mandolin and a recorder, and a friend from school has the rowing machine. One hundred dolly pegs and 100 old CDs have gone into school, to be used as craft resources for ‘Decorations Day’ next week. I intend to give things away as much as I can. Sadly, I have no antiques to sell. The oldest thing round here is me, I think!


  1. Oh Ang, I do feel for you! Even after two years here I am still sending things off to charity shops or even Freecycle.

  2. I don't think my decluttering is anywhere near finished either! Good luck with yours and sorry if I contributed to some of the clutter ! xx

  3. What a beautiful acorn - the wood looks so satiny.

    I hope the packing and moving go well. :)

  4. I so enjoy your blog and find it so uplifting. One thing I really appreciate is that you blog every day. I know there will always be a kind word waiting at the end of the day. I intend to take notes on how you go about establishing a new life in a new place. It may be that we move after many years in one place - exciting but daunting too. Plus I am rubbish at getting tid of things which you are clearly good at. I always think "what if I just happen to need that in future." Thank you for your Christian witness which shones through all you write.

  5. I found some real acorns and flung them about the property... hoping for oak trees. I think the squirrels ate them.
    Jane x


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