Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Happy Birthday, Bob!


Wishing the happiest of days to my wonderful bloke. He has received this great Vintage Railway card from his brother

speed west

But this is not quite the right direction – in the new year, Bob will be speeding South West – to Dorset. We will be leaving Kirby Muxloe Free Church [left] after 19½ years because Bob has accepted a call to become Pastor of Ferndown United Church [right]


I cannot give you too many details right now - as I don’t know them myself. We are both looking forward to fresh challenges and new friendships, but sad to be leaving old friends and our work here. We are truly grateful for all the support from friends who have been aware over recent weeks that this was a possibility – now our destination is certain and I can start working out the next steps.

DSCF0065But today I am trying not to think too much about moving – today is a day for birthday celebrations with my man.



  1. Happy Birthday Bob and congratulations on your new posting. Dorset, lovely place.

  2. Wishing you every blessing in your new ministry

  3. Happy birthday Bob.
    So pleased to hear your news.

  4. Indeed, Happy Birthday to Bob, and God's blessing on you both for the months ahead. He is faithful and true. (God, I meant, but Bob as well, I'm sure!)

  5. Happy Birthday,Bob!
    Praying that you, Angela,and your new ministry will be blessed.
    Jane x

  6. I was very interested to hear of your move, after so many years in one place it will be a hard move in one respect but very exciting in other ways.
    Happy Birthday to your OH I'd forgotten since last year that he shares it with our youngest, she's 27 today.

  7. Happy birthday, Bob!

    Can't wait to make the move with you to a new church--sounds exciting!


  8. Many happy returns Bob! Congratulations on the new job too! We will be neighbours (in the county sense)! After nearly 20 years in Leics that will be a big move. I worked near Ferndown for a year, a long time ago - nice area.

  9. How exciting! Prayers for your leaving and arriving in your new spot! Blessed are people who have enjoyed your loving attention! Happy birthday to good Bob!

  10. Happy Birthday Bob! Congratulations on your new Church posting! What an upheaval it will be after all those years. You will be such a success, lucky Ferndown!

  11. You could have come to Essex but no, alas Dorset gains!!! Happy birthday Bob! X

  12. Happy Birthday Rev! Nice wheels. Great celebrations all round.x

  13. Happy Birthday, Bob. Your new church will be a challenge. After so long at your present church it will be quite an adjustment I'm thinking -- but think of the blessings in store! There are people there whom the Lord has prepared for just your ministry. Expectations of a pastor's wife may be quite different from where you are now. Such an exciting challenge! How long before you move?

  14. Happy birthday Bob!

    And congratulations to you both on the next exciting step in your ministry. I hope we can visit you at Ferndown some time in the future.

  15. A stunning photo, a family blessed.

  16. How exciting, a new calling, home... you will have lots to plan for, happy birthday to your Bob and blessings with all your plans.

  17. Ferndown are very lucky and blessed. Hope Bob enjoyed his day.
    I shall pray for you both for a smooth transition!

  18. A belated Happy Birthday. The cake looks delicious.

    Good luck with your move.Another beautiful part of the country, but further away from Cornerstones. I'm sure your faith tells you that this was the move for you both, at this time.


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