Thursday, 27 November 2014


Found it! I am so pleased to report that I have found the missing camera [I dropped a sock down the back of my Shoe Ottoman. I moved the ottoman- and there it was] So now I can post pictures of the WWDP residential. One evening was designated for Maggie and myself to give a presentation about our Salzburg trip, and two others spoke about their Berlin Conference. We also wanted to acknowledge that for two of our group it was their last Residential.

P1000246As we were spending most of the week looking at stuff from Cuba, we sang a Carmen Miranda Song [Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye we love you very much] with altered words. Here’s me in full CM mode, with fruity headdress. After that, we acknowledged the impending departure of our C of E rep, by being “Justin’s Angels” and singing her a song to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Modern Major General”. Thank you to Maggie for this picture.

The rest of our week was hard work, and serious preparation. But it was good to let our hair down for just a little while.

I was very pleased to report it took just 45 seconds to change from one outfit to the other [It’s the same shirt, and I just pulled off the skirt and and beads, and changed hat and shoes] Maybe I could change career and go on the stage?

P1010087 (2)

On my way home, I stopped off in Woking and met up with Steph for lunch. Whilst waiting for her, I met one of the Transformers


Now that really is an amazing bit of dressing-up!


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