Friday, 7 November 2014

Bob’s Your [Great] Uncle & Ang A Great Aunt!

One of my four nieces is expecting her first baby- so that means I shall soon be a great aunt. Which sounds even more elderly than being Mother-Of-The-Bride. Steph and Mark went to the Baby Shower last weekend-  we know he is a boy, but as yet the name has not been revealed [not sure if the parents have yet to choose a name, or have elected to keep it quiet till the birth]

P1000198Because the surname begins with a J, Steph took some ‘J Junior’ Babygros for the infant. [This is the name of a new range of babywear designed by Jasper Conran, and available from Debenhams]

I sent a babygro and bib appropriately embroidered. Can’t wait for his arrival!


  1. I've just become a great aunt too! Lydia Florence was born on 5th November to my niece & her partner. I've only seen one photo - she's not exactly gorgeous, but then, babies take a while to uncrumple, don't they?! (There speaks someone who hasn't had children!)

  2. I'm a great Aunt many time over! I was first a great Aunt when I was only in my twenties! I had some much older than me Sisters and Brothers at the time.


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