Friday, 14 November 2014

I Need A Hero!


It is Children In Need Day – and at my Wednesday/Thursday School, they are asking everyone to come dressed as a Superhero. So all the my colleagues in Year One [Teachers and Teaching Assistants] will be wearing black teeshirts and leggings today – and superhero capes.


Here they are, hanging on my airer over the bath – and below, packed in a box, ready to deliver. In the interests of authenticity, I did try one on and ‘flew’ round the garden with my arm in front of me, à la Superman first. I shall be at my Friday School – I do hope someone takes pictures of them being worn by my friends.


I simply folded the fabric in half, and cut semicircles of fabric – using the selvedge edge as the straight side to save hemming. Then [using a saucer] cut out a curve neckline. I overlocked the long curved edge and the neckline, then sewed a ribbon round the neck, with a length at each end to tie in a bow. The logo was cut from red fabric, and then applied to a shield shape cut in a bright rainbow fabric [using Bondaweb]. Then I Bondawebbed it onto the cape, and sewed round the edge [for added security] Job done.

it has been said that there are fewer superheroes around now because they can no longer find phone boxes in which to change!wonderwoman 

Whilst there is no denying that my colleagues are all Wonderwomen, I feel that Lynda Carter’s outfit is somewhat inappropriate for the Phonics Lesson! A simple cape is much easier!

The TV series was very poiular when I began teaching, back in the 1970s. And one of my pupils told me then, in all seriousnessness, “Miss, my Dad doesn’t like that Wonderwoman. He says you should never trust a woman who tucks her vest into her knickers”

This is advice I have never forgotten!!


  1. Goodness me you have been very busy sewing this week. Great job

  2. Love the capes, so clever! Hoping someone does remember to take photos for you, Vee x

  3. There is no end to your talents lol!
    If you get a photo of your colleagues in the capes, will you be able to share it on here? Amassed caped crusade.....

  4. Wow, you have been busy! They look great, and I'm sure they'll be appreciated by the kids! xx

  5. You have been a busy beaver making all those capes!
    DD had a pajama day at school, I've popped a photo on my blog if you fancy a nosey

  6. We all looked great thanks so much Angela, not sure if anyone took photos.... we all supplemented our outfits with some form of head gear or mask (pudsey ears for me!)


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